Thousand Year Old Vampire:  Secret Companion Volume PRE-ORDER

Thousand Year Old Vampire: Secret Companion Volume PRE-ORDER

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This is PRE-ORDER for the mysterious companion book for Thousand Year Old Vampire.  You will pay now for an item you will receive in late July (overseas orders may be later due to shipping).  If you order other items they will all ship at the same time.  


What are you pre-ordering?  It's a secret.  Or a surprise.  Surprises are good, usually.  This one possibly less so.

But I will tell you some things about the item you are buying:  

  • It is a book.  188 pages, hardback, foil and ribbons and full color. 
  • It's not a game.
  • It's not an expansion for Thousand Year Old Vampire, though the companion volume is nearly meaningless without the TYOV book. 
  • It's not a collection of writings, stories, reflections, or any other such thing. 
  • It's not a writing journal, character sheet packet, or adjunct for TYOV play. 
  • It's not a book of illustrations or puzzles or clever collages or interesting photographs.   
  • Whatever that thing you are thinking about might be, it almost certainly isn't that.

This book, to be absolutely clear, is not useful.  It is, I believe, worthwhile but don't forget, friends, that I am an idiot.  My worthwhile might be your bitter disappointment.  In fact, it most likely is.  

Know that the book is every bit as beautifully realized as the original Thousand Year Old Vampire!  It meets the same specifications in size and quality, it has the same treatments–foils and ribbons and finery galore.  It is, after all, a companion volume!  It is intended to live on a shelf next to the original and will do so very well.

But again, I am not suggesting that you order this.  In fact, I am trying to dissuade you from it.  

If you must order this book I would ask that you open the package in surroundings that that enjoin a dreamy focus and a generous spirit.  Have a copy of Thousand Year Old Vampire at hand.  You will not need dice or pen or paper because, again, this is not a game. 

Also, no PDF of this one.  It's only a physical book.


Don't like surprises?  I will lift the veil of secrecy after the pre-order books have been delivered.  You can order it then <voice drops to sinister whisper> if there are any left.  Edit:  There almost certainly will be plenty left.