A Fantastic Desire for Adventure PRE-ORDER

A Fantastic Desire for Adventure PRE-ORDER

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This is PRE-ORDER for the zine A Fantastic Desire for Adventure.  You will pay now for an item you will receive in May or June.  If you order other items they will all ship at the same time.  


A Fantastic Longing For Adventure
Young Tim Hutchings Tells You How To Live
an autobiographical game zine
A sort of game experience for three players.  Less than hour to play.
20 page digest-sized zine.  Full color interiors.  Includes three plastic gels used to view secrets within the pages.  

So the top image here is the opening page spread in the zine.  The three images below it are the same spread viewed through different colors of plastic.  I took these photos of the screen through a piece of plastic.  These are early test photos and I've improved the system since then.

I'll say this again in a different way:  There'll be a mess of blue, red, and yellow lines, look at the pages through various colors of plastic and some lines will disappear while others emerge.  PLAYERS SEE DIFFERENT INFORMATION ON THE SAME PAGE THROUGH THE COMBINATION OF MAGIC AND SCIENCE THAT IS COLOR THEORY.  

The booklet is printer by the same folks that make Thousand Year Old Vampire books so it's going to be well done, but it's ain't TYOV fancy.  


PDFs will be made available after the books ship.