The Not-A-Game Bundle

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Here's a chance to buy four, no, FIVE books for $36 off. That's like, uh, getting the Tim Denee book for $2.50. You will be living the 1980s-Publisher's-Clearing-House style dream. 

This bundle includes:

The Shadow Out of Providence by Ezra Claverie

Thousand Year Old Vampire companion volume

An Account of the Lengthy Existence and Numerous Experiences of Ambrose Blackhouse, Vampire, With Special Attention to Those Years in Which He Walked Upon This Earth Tho Dead, an Illustrated Novel by Tim Denee

Telling My Phone About Games I'll Never Make And It Just Can't Understand

an homage to the Player's Handbook

Like the title says: None of these are games. Don't buy this bundle thinking you are getting a game. Instead, buy it confident that you have five birthday presents for two friends you do like and three you don't.