Appropriate Dice Set

Appropriate Dice Set

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You probably don't need these dice, but if you do then these are some of the most thematically Thousand-Year-Old-Vampire-appropriate dice I've found.

These are Die Hard Dice brand dice, wonderfully named "Bone With Red".  They come in a little black satin pouch with a Die Hard Dice logo.  It's a full polyhedral set with two d10s, which is a lot more than the d6 and d10 you need for TYOV.  But hey, dice are cool. Like, really cool.  Part of what drew me to RPGs as a tiny child was the mysterious and quasi-occult feel of a handful of weird D&D dice.  

One thing I've been consistently saying about these dice is that it makes my teeth hurt to look at them.  High praise indeed.  

(photo and video courtesy of Die Hard Dice)

Seriously, look at that just-barely-translucent nightmare-wet-tooth look.  Holy shit.


I'm going to be reeeeeaaaaal blunt here and say that you can buy these exact same dice elsewhere for cheaper.  "I offer this as a service to my customers" is a frequent quote from Mr. Peavy, a pharmacist on the old radio show The Great Gildersleeves, and that's what these dice are:  A convenience to those of you who don't have ready access to fancy dice.  (Hint:  There's a random number chart in the book itself, rendering dice redundant.)


Find these same dice for sale cheaper at the Die Hard Dice shop here.  They are out of stock now but wont' be so for forever.  

Or, better yet, go to a local game store and look at all the dice in person.  Paw through the big dice bins, stare at the fancy dice boxes in the glass case, fondle the bits of plastic and feel their weight.  Some dice just feel more right than others. 

Or go to a game convention.  Creep along the floor on all fours and hunt for lost dice.  Dice acquired this way are imbued with qualities of virtu that take years to accumulate in purchased dice.  

Or buy these.  It's easy and you get to combine shipping.